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Programs : Brochure

This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
  • Locations: Various, Various
  • Program Terms: Fall, Spring, Spring Break, Summer, Winter Break
  • Restrictions: WSU applicants only
  • Dates / Deadlines
Program Description:
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This program is specifically for Winona State University faculty members who are proposing a faculty-led course for an upcoming term.

Please contact Kathy Jicinsky, Assistant Director of Study Abroad for Faculty-led Programs at with questions about the online proposal application.

Click "Apply Now" to create and submit a faculty-led proposal. 
PLEASE NOTE:  Save your responses frequently, as your session will time out after 59 minutes.
Thank you for your interest creating a faculty-led course! 

Proposals for faculty-led courses to be taught during Academic Year 2022-2023 (including Summer 2023) will launch in June 2021. 

The Study Abroad office will assist you with planning for your program. As the faculty leader, you set the course content, learning outcomes, and instructional strategies. You also carry the primary responsibility for the administration and grading of the program. Staff in Study Abroad will help you think through numerous details and aspects of your program, and planning should begin as early as possible. The following resource was compiled for faculty leaders that contains helpful instructions, FAQs, and tips for the faculty-led proposal application process (PDF). Additionally, the Faculty Handbook is a helpful resource including information on logistics, managing program finances, participant promotion and recruitment, pre-departure orientation, safety and risk management, and more.

A faculty member may submit multiple program proposals in the same academic year and proposal cycle. A second proposal from one faculty member may not receive approval depending on factors including, but not limited to, the number of total proposals submitted and the anticipated Study Abroad overhead required to deliver them. Back-to-back programs taught by the same faculty member—whether to different or the same locations—may not be approved due to challenging logistical arrangements and Study Abroad staffing constraints.

Within the proposal requirements, special attention is given to course content, learning outcomes, assessment, and logistics. While changes will occur, gathering as much information as soon as possible will increase the program’s chances for success. Here are some points to consider: 
  • Course Content and Delivery – A faculty-led program is an enriching academic experience. As you fill out the proposal information, it is helpful to consider the method of delivery, course objectives, and how your proposed destination fits into the overall curriculum.
  • Assessment of Learning Outcomes – WSU places special emphasis on assessing the learning that takes place in any program. Within the proposal, faculty elaborate on the learning objectives and the means by which they will assess the learning that takes place. 
As part of the proposal, faculty submit Course Information Templates for each course associated with the program and a Draft Program Itinerary. You can access these templates online:
Upcoming Proposal Deadline: January 15, 2022 at 4:00pm:
PLEASE NOTE: January 15, 2022 is on a Saturday.

For all courses (new or repeat) to be taught during:
  • Fall 2022
  • Winter Break 2023 (December 2022-January 2023),
  • Spring 2023,
  • Spring Break 2023, or
  • Summer 2023
A completed proposal and Department Chair(s) approval must be received by January 15, 2022 at 4:00pm to be considered for this application cycle. 
All faculty-led off-campus course proposals are reviewed by the Faculty-led Study Away Programs Subcommittee (FLPS). This committee was formerly known as the Travel Study Advisory Committee (TSAC). Once the FLPS has made a decision about the proposal, the committee’s recommendation is forwarded to A2C2 or Grad Council for review and recommendation. The A2C2 or Grad Council recommendation is then forwarded to Faculty Senate for review and recommendation. Faculty Senate’s recommendation is then forwarded to the WSU Cabinet at Meet & Confer. A proposal is not fully approved until (1) it is approved at Meet & Confer and (2) signatures are obtained by the Associate Provost/Provost and, in the case of international travel, the President.

If you're interested in seeing proposals that have been approved in the past, please email to request samples. We encourage you to talk to other faculty members who have led successful off-campus courses, and ask them what they would advise.
Please contact the Study Abroad office if you have questions or if we can assist you. More information about faculty-led programs, including application instructions, can be found on the Study Abroad website under "Faculty Information."

Kathy Jicinsky
Assistant Director of Study Abroad for Faculty-led Programs

Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Spring Break 2023 01/15/2022 05/01/2022 TBA TBA
Summer 2023 01/15/2022 05/01/2022 TBA TBA
Fall 2022 01/15/2022 05/01/2022 TBA TBA
Spring 2023 01/15/2022 05/01/2022 TBA TBA
Winter Break 2023 01/15/2022 05/01/2022 TBA TBA